0768 - World Famous Pink - Swirl Lollipops

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NEW-2017! Product Code 0768 - Our hugely popular swirl lollipop lines just got bigger again! - NEW FOR 2017!! Fun Kandy’s have added an all new WORLD FAMOUS PINK! flavoured swirly toffee apple wheel lollies for 2015 come in a drum pack of 50 swirly lollipops. Our top-selling lollipop drums are jaw-dropping value. Each drum is stuffed with fruit flavoured Supa Suckas lollies, although it won’t stay like that for long - these irresistible flavoured lollies will fly off the shelves!

Lollipop Specifications:
Net Weight: Approximately 28g
Diameter: 2 Inches or 55mm
Total Length: 6 Inches or 150mm
Unit Price = 24p each excluding VAT/Lollipop

Drum contains 50 cellophane-wrapped lollipops, each with a net weight of 28g.
Handmade in the UK by Fun Kandy - Candy Swirls UK Ltd.
Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose-syrup, Fruit flavouring. Colourings E124
Allergy Advice - No Allergens

Multi buy discounts available on ordering!
£100 - £199 5% Discount on ordering
£200 - £299 7% Discount on ordering
£300 - £500 10% Discount on ordering

Further discounts are available for half and full pallet loads call 01253 595123 or email sales@candyswirls.co.uk for pricing details.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.2kg.